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About Us

Anyone who's done creative work knows it's a bit like being at sea. You can't make the wind blow, but you can put up a sail. Much more than just combined skills and talents, it takes a spirit of interrelationship to harness the creative current.

While our backgrounds and experiences are diverse, we've collaborated together in many contexts and we know how to maximize each other's strengths to deliver results. What you can expect from Barefoot Media is uncompromising attention to detail and a relentless commitment to excellence.

Gary Dempsey

Gary Dempsey launched Barefoot Media with the understanding that Web sites should be fun, involving and informative— and as easy to use as kicking off your shoes.

Drawing on many years of experience specializing in UI design, Gary pulled together his own dream-team of seasoned Web pros— who, much like himself, shared in his ultimate vision of spending more time on beaches.

Prior to Barefoot Media, Gary worked as a Web designer for, later as Senior Graphic Designer for Carparts Technologies. He has created storefront concepts for affiliate marketing, used by Motortrend, Walmart, Edmunds, and

His favorite beaches are Tunnels, Ocho Rios and Horseshoe Bay.


Steve Dempsey

Steve busted out of the corporate world after 9 years at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. We finally got him to trade in his Pontiac Grand Prix rental for a long board. Steve graduated as a music major at California Lutheran University, and still holds the record for most wins as a pitcher at the school. Steve is excellent in line drawing and has carried his talents over to the digital side.

If we were to ask Steve for a quote for this bio, he would probably say...."Rent at Hertz"

Steve's favorite beaches are Sandys, Ipanema & Montego Bay.

The Dedicated Team
Barefoot News provides you with a dedicated expert mailing team. Our team has developed expertise in all aspects of the email business.

Your Platform
We give you a platform that only allows best sender practices, starting with email collection and all the tools you need to achieve the strongest results.

Getting Started
In today's environment, legal compliance is not enough. Senders must comply with the highest standards to allow for message delivery to
the inbox.